FlexPasser™Tendon Retrieval Kit

For atraumatic retrieval of severed flexor tendons with minimal incisions.
  • Retrieve retracted tendon end with minimal incisions
  • Reduce the risk of damage to tendon end compared to standard technique*
  • Avoid the need for repeat suturing of the tendon end

Surgery to repair lacerated or severed flexor tendons in the hand can lead to additional trauma to the tendon end or tendon sheath which may cause adhesion post-operatively.  This trauma and possible adhesion can reduce the range of movement and impair the outcome of the surgery (1,2,3).


The FlexPasser Tendon Retrieval Kit provides a system of single use instrumentation for the retrieval of the retracted proximal tendon stump(s) during the repair of lacerated digital flexor tendon(s) in the hand.

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1. Ahed, K., M. Moujtahid and M. Nechad (2014). "Retrieval of the retracted flexor tendons for long fingers: New tip." Chirurgie de la Main 33(4): 247-250.

2.Dy, C. J., A. Hernandez-Soria, Y. Ma, T. R. Roberts and A. Daluiski (2012). "Complications After Flexor Tendon Repair: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis." The Journal of Hand Surgery 37(3): 543-551.e541.

3.Ozturk, M. B., S. O. Basat, T. Kayadibi, M. Karahangil and I. M. Akan (2013). "Atraumatic Flexor tendon retrieval- a simple method." Ann Surg Innov Res 7(1): 11.

Warnings and Precautions:
The device is for SINGLE USE only as it is not suitable for reprocessing which amongst other risks may lead to cross-infection and loss of function. This instrument is not currently recommended for any procedure other than the intended use stated here.
The information contained in this webpage MUST NOT be used to perform the surgical procedure. Always refer to the Instructions for Use LAB 281 which contains detailed information and essential warning and precautions, when available.
Product in development: For display only, not available for sale in the U.S. Anticipated availability November 2019. Information correct at time of print.
* based on cadaver trials

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