For Fixation of Sutures and Tapes to Cortical Bone

FastLok is a titanium alloy staple and buckle fixation device, designed for fixation of sutures and tapes to cortical bone.

  • Strong: System Strength 1014 N

  • Low stretch under cyclic tension


Fastlok consists of a staple and buckle and is intended for the attachment of sutures or tapes to bone, for soft tissue and connective tissue repairs, tendon transfers, or autogenous and/or prosthetic ligament reconstruction, repair or replacement. Use the Xiros Impactor Assembly with FastLok, and vice versa, and follow the instructions in the product IFU. FastLok staple and buckle are suitable for USP 2 (Metric 5) sutures or larger.


FastLok™ staple and buckle system provides high fixation strength in cortical bone applications.  The surgeon weaves either USP #2 or larger suture or Poly-Tape through the buckle and under the staple.  By following the IFU, a surgeon will create a serpentine pattern, allowing the surgeon to adjust the tension of the suture or Poly-Tape before final fixation.

  1. In preparation for implanting, FastLok is attached to the Impactor Assembly (202-1137).
  2. The suture or Poly-Tape is passed through the buckle component of the system.
  3. The buckle is then slipped over the staple to create the serpentine pattern.
  4. The staple and buckle are brought to the point of attachment to bone with the suture or Poly-Tape being adjusted to the appropriate tension.
  5. The impactor is then used to drive the FastLok staple into the bone.
  6. Excess suture or Poly-Tape is trimmed back to the FastLok.


Features and Benefits

  • Triple clamping action from staple and buckle, designed to minimize slippage under cyclic loading and to reduce risk of suture/graft lossening
  • No knotting of sutures/tapes required for fixation
  • Sharp points on legs allow easy penetration in bone, so no pre-drilling required
  • Low profile designed to minimize patient discomfort at implant site
  • Simple threading technique of sutures/tapes to the staple and buckle ensures tension is maintained throughout the fixation procedure
  • Manufactured from titanium alloy
  • FastLok instruments can be cleaned and reused
  • Staples are firmly gripped by the Impactor Assembly. This makes the FastLok instrument easy to use for insertion and removal from the bone
  • A benefit of the FastLok instruments is that the narrow end of the Impactor Assembly is designed for easy application through small incisions
  • A benefit of the FastLok instruments is that the Sliding Hammer attaches to the Impactor Assembly to remove staples

Product Documents


  • Any structural or pathologic condition of the bone or of the soft tissue being fixed which can be expected to impair secure fixation by the device.
  • Other physical conditions that would eliminate or tend to eliminate adequate implant support or retard healing (blood supply limitation, infections, etc).
  • The patient's inability or lack of willingness to restrict activities to prescribed levels or follow the rehabilitation program during the healing period.
  • If the patient is suspected of having any foreign body sensitivity, appropriate tests should be made prior to material selection or implantation.
  • Poly-Tapes integrate well with the patient’s tissue and consequently may not be suitable where eventual removal of the tape is anticipated.

Additional Information

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