Xiros North America releases the Pitch-Patch, a rotator cuff repair augmentation device

“Mansfield, Massachusetts – Xiros Inc., announce the 510K clearance and release of the Pitch-Patch Rotator Cuff Augmentation device.  A unique device for surgeons who require immediate structural support and integrity for Rotator Cuff Repairs where the patient’s tissue demonstrates weakness.  The Pitch-Patch is available in 2 sizes to support single tendon or multiple tendon injuries.  This high-strength, non-absorbable device is made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which has a long history of safe and effective orthopedic use.

The woven structure and reinforced suture eyelets provide optimal structural integrity of the device while allowing the surgeon multiple avenues to secure the Pitch-Patch to tissue and bone.  The construct reduces shear stress and provides a matrix for tissue in-growth and on-growth, further strengthening the repair.  The device is provided sterile, is compatible with multiple repair techniques, and can be used with a variety of off-the-shelf fixation devices, sutures, and tapes.

Xiros is an innovator in textiles used in orthopedic applications, with over 30 years of industry-leading experience.  Visit us at to learn more about how our products help surgeons create brilliant patient outcomes.”

DOC-E7-050 rev A

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